INFLUENCE PLAYS IN THE DOUBLE WING- As opposing teams learn to defend your  offense they will stop looking in your backfield and begin reading your  offensive line, wingbacks and fullback blocks. To counter this you must give the defense false keys. Not only do these plays work great themselves  but they compromise the defense in such a way that it will slow them down  against your base plays as well. Included in the video are false keys for your guards, tackles, wingbacks,  fullback and quarterback. Also included  is the famous draw play with a demonstration on how to perfect the behind the  back handoff. Length: 1 Hour 3 Minutes

ROCKET SWEEP-The Rocket Sweep turned out to be our best  long yardage play of 2006. It literally  saved us in the CIF Championship game. It is the fastest hitting outside play we have run and enabled us to get  outside every week. If your wings are  not as fast as you would want, this play will be your equalizer. If they can move then lookout, this play will  be unbelievable. The video also includes  counter plays, pass plays, influence plays, off-tackle and off-guard plays that  all come off Rocket action. Several  blocking variations are included the video as well. At the end of the video there is live game  footage with end zone and press box angle film so you can see the play in  action. Length: 57  Minutes

Coach Murphy’s Clovis East football team beat one of the most storied football programs in the country, Midland Lee High School of Midland Texas.  It was the first time a Division 1 California team faced a Division 1 Texas team in High School History.  

TROJAN-The new added twist to the arsenal was a play called Trojan.  This was a play that he named after the 1977 USC play called, “student body right/left.”  After you see the play in action you will know why.  Despite more injuries in ’05 then any team coach Murphy has coached (broken leg to All-American ’04 running back Tracy Slocum and 5th degree shoulder tear to 1,000 yard rusher Andrew Pancotti), Trojan still averaged almost 9 yards per carry.  In this tape coach Murphy diagrams Trojan against most, if not all, fronts you may encounter.  He goes through the learning process of running this new play and describes all the “do’s and don’ts” along the way.  After the detailed description you will see the play being run from not only a press box angle but you will see every play from a 30 foot end zone camera as well.