Coach Murphy's clinic enabled us to do more things on offense then ever before with the athletes we have.  In both of the last two years since Coach Murphy came to our school we have scored more points than any other team in our school's 120 year history.

Jason Mensing, Owosso High School

Owosso, Michigan

Our coaching staff really enjoyed your clinic.  Without a doubt, having you come out here was the best investment I have made since I became the head coach at Frankfort.

Thomas Potts, Frankfort High School

Frankfort, Indiana

 Coach Murphy's knowledge of the Double Wing and ability to make it work within our program has been such a valuable asset to our program.  In our last three games alone we have had 381, 619, and 409 yard rushing games scoring 55, 55 and 46 points in each of those games.  I highly recommend Coach Murphy to provide a clinic to anyone interested in improving their offensive production.  

Bill Raycraft, John Stark Regional High School

Weare, NH

Coach Murphy is one of the most intense and exciting coaches I ever spoke with on the double wing.  Our clinic was individually designed and featured information that was specific to the interest of our football program. So far this year we are the 2nd Leading Rushing Team in the State 1A through 5A, only second to Nationally ranked Warren Central.

Jason Mullis, North Harrison High School-

Ramsey, Indiana

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