Game Tapes

Several years of Coach Murphy’s style are chronicled on these game films. You can view a series or a whole season.

The 2003-2006 Cut-Ups

The 2003-2006 Cut-Ups are a compilation of various  double wing plays shown from end zone and press box angles over the last four  years. Showing the play from both  angles, back to back, allows you to break down and teach the play from its  entirety. Plays included are Power,  Power Down, Power Pass, Reverse, Trap, Trojan Sweep and Rocket Sweep. There is even a little Option without an  option. Formations on the video include:  Double Wing, Over, Under, Quads, Tee, I and a play or two from Stack  I. Length:1 Hour

Highlight Films

The Highlight Films document each year showing everything from the off-season to the celebration after the championship games. These  highlight films are the best way to motivate your players, parents, coaches and  administrators on the double wing offense. After watching this, even the biggest critic won’t have a leg to stand  on. There are as many as four angles on  certain plays making watching this film more like a movie than a high school highlight film.