VIDEO #1-THE BASICS OF THE OFFENSE-In this video the history of the offense is discussed along with why it is run. You will find out Why this offence is a good choice for your team.  Coach Murphy will diagram  and explain formations, a numbering system, Def. Alignments, Splits, Stance.

VIDEO #2-THE ESSENTIALS OF THE OFFENSE-In this video you will learn what plays to run. Coach Murphy will also explain and diagram different Blocking Rules.

VIDEO #3-THE POWER SERIES-Coach Murphy teaches you The Power, Counter, Logs, Downs,  Power Pass and Variations of Each.

VIDEO #4-THE STRIKER SERIES-The Sweep, Trap, Striker Pass Influence Plays, Chaos Action and Variations of Each are shown on this video.

VIDEO #5-THE BELLY SERIES-This video has been very popular during the teaching of Coach Murphy you will learn about the Belly, Belly Reverse, Belly Draw, Double Dive and Variations of Each.

VIDEO #6-THE I STACK I SERIES-In this series you will be instructed on Powers, Logs, Counters,  Jokers,  Double Dive,  Lead,  Power Pass and Counter Pass.

VIDEO #7-THE OPTION SERIES-Coach Murphy teaches on the three options: The G Option Series, Mid-line Option Series and Trap Option Series.

VIDEO #8-UTILIZING THE QB AS A RUN THREAT-You will learn how to get your QB to hit every hole using Folds, Counters and Powers.

VIDEO #9-PASSES SCREENS AND DRAWS-With his first hand experience Coach Murphy will show you what has worked over the past 7 years. You will learn about Our best Passes, Draws and Screens.

VIDEO #10-BIG PLAYS THAT SCORE IN A HURRY-Plays that keep defenses honest and gives the Offense a quick 6.

VIDEO #11-MAKING THE MOST OUT OF THE SPREAD SETS-Coach Murphy explains multiple sets: tight end over, wing back over and full back heavy just to name a few.  He diagrams each set and the best plays to run out of each set.  Then he shows you what to run when the defense tries to adjust or what to do when they don’t.  After the detailed explanation of the plays he shows several of the plays being run in game situations.

VIDEO #12-THE ACE BACK SERIES-Do you have a good QB, one running back better then the rest, no fullback, a couple of good receivers or do you just want to spread defenses out.  If you have any of the above, this video can add an entire new dimension to your attack.  Coach Murphy diagrams all of the successful plays he has run from his Ace B power and counter play; traps, sweeps, screens, draws and several pass plays are all included, back formation (1 back, double tight and two flankers).  The popular G scheme, which allows you to still run the base.5