2009 Updated Offensive Video Volumes

The Double Wing / I Wing Offense.  Coach Murphy has updated his videos for 2009 and they include the following:  Approximately a one hour clinic talk on the offensive series, the actual power point from the presentation (very useful for teaching your own players with), and video cut-ups of each play numerous times from both end-zone and press box angles.

Volume 1: Power - Everything you need to know about the best play in football.  Includes Power Base, Power Double, Power Down , Power Short, Power Log, Power Double Log, Power Influence and Power QB Keep.

Volume 2:  Outside Run – The three deadly plays getting even the slowest guys to the edge.  Includes Rocket Sweep, the fastest sweep in football.  Striker Sweep, the sweep with power, deception and speed.  Trojan Sweep, the most powerful sweep there is!  With several variations of all three as well.

Volume 3: Inside Run – The quick hitters that always give positive yards and have the threat to go all the way on any given play.  Includes Guard Trap, QB Spin, Midline, and Wedge.  These become especially deadly if you have a QB or FB that can move.

Volume 4: The Counter Game – Deceptive plays that when run correctly are almost impossible to stop and make the game fun for players and fans.  Includes, Reverse, Reverse Lead, Counter Tackle Trap,

Volume 5: The Passing Game – Coach Murphy’s passing game is one of the most feared of any “power team” you will ever see.  Not only does his team’s go deep and put the ball in the end-zone but now his teams are hurting defenses in the flat and taking these short passes for big time yardage as well.  Includes, Power Pass, Striker Pass and Quick Pass.

Volume 6:  Guaranteed Ways to Improve your Running Backs – This has been labeled one of the best Running Back videos ever made.  Includes, meticulous detail on how to teach your running backs how to be more aggressive, break tackles and wear defenses down to the ground.  Also included: How to hit the hole, great fakes, stiff-arms, rip arms and the most important thing in football, minimizing turnovers.  And drills such as balance and go, foot fire, read your blocker, pop-up and some very good catching drill as well.

Volume 7:  The Ultimate Blocking Progression – This is one of the best blocking progressions in football.  Coach Murphy gives credit to De La Salle High School (holder of the 153 game winning streak) in this one.  Taking what he learned while visiting De La Salle and tweaking it to fit a “Power Offense” has paid huge dividends for Clovis East who is usually out-weighed on the offensive line by huge amounts.  As De La Salle, Coach Murphy’s offensive lines are known for their get off and near flawless technique.

Volume WT: Championship Weight Training – Coach Murphy’s teams have NEVER LOST a weigh training contest.  Matter of fact they have doubled the second place team’s scores the last three years in a row.  In this video he takes you through their workout, shows you how he charts his players, his goals for each player and the particular lifts with demonstrations.  Also, included are kettle bell training, core work and speed/conditioning training.