2009 Updated Defensive Video Volumes

The 4-4 Swarm with the 3-5 Monster.  Coach Murphy has updated his defensive videos for 2009 and they include the following:  Approximately a one hour clinic talk on each of the defensive positions, the actual power point from the presentation (very useful for teaching your own players with), and video cut-ups of each position carrying out his read’s and assignments numerous times from both end-zone and press box angles.

Volume 1:  The Overall 4-4/3-5 Monster Scheme – This is an overall explanation on how the defense works and how each position has a specific role within itself to get the job done.  The “Alley” Concept is explained here and is truly one of the most unbelievable and simple concepts you will ever see in how to stop the run.  Coach Murphy says this is when the light bulb really goes on for his players.  Also included is how each player aligns to each offensive set.

Volume 2:  The Defensive Line – This is an in-depth look on how the End and Interior Line (or as Coach Murphy call them, the moving wall) fit in this devastating defense.  Included is how to read and defeat the base block, down block, trap block, reach block, double team and pass block.

Volume 3:  The Inside Backers – The true heart and soul of this defense are the two inside backers.  But amazingly enough they don’t have to be the size of prototype backers because they rarely get blocked.  The “Alley” and “Midline” Concept will blow your mind and you will be amazed when you see how many tackles these two guys make without being touched.

Volume 4:  The Outside Backers and Def Backs – The two positions work in such tandem that they are included on the same volume.  Again, they do not have to be built nor run as fast a prototype Backers and DBs but they do have to learn their stuff inside and out.  Once they do an average player generally becomes a standout. Maybe this is why Coach Murphy had an outside backer and db make the all-star game last 10 consecutive years in a row.

 WT: Championship Weight Training – Coach Murphy’s teams have NEVER LOST a weigh training contest.  Matter of fact they have doubled the second place team’s scores the last three years in a row.  In this video he takes you through their workout, shows you how he charts his players, his goals for each player and the particular lifts with demonstrations.  Also, included are kettle bell training, core work and speed/conditioning training.