2005 Sled Progression

Coach Murphy’s teams have rushed for an average of 300 yards per game in the last 9 years and have a combined record of 89-17-1 (Ygnacio Valley HS and Clovis East HS). His 1999 Ygnacio Valley team still holds the all-time Northern and Central CA rushing record with over 5,000 yards. His linemen are known for being undersized and still being able to compete with some of the best defense lines in the country. This tape will show you how his 2005 team is getting prepared for one of the toughest division 1 schedules a team has ever had. Coach Murphy takes his linemen from their first step to their last in a 4-point blocking progression.

Step 1: Get-Off

Step 2: contact

Step 3: Elevate

Step 4: Finish

You will see his linemen go through the following blocks using this proven progression: Base, Reach, Down, Trap, Backer, Pull and Wall-Off. This is not an X’s and O’s tape, it is actual film of his players going through their progression with on the field demonstration as Coach Murphy explain each step in detail.

“When it comes to contact, this progression is the best thing we will do as far as getting us prepared for the season.”

Coach Murphy

2009 Volume 7:  The Ultimate Blocking Progression – This is one of the best blocking progressions in football.  Coach Murphy gives credit to De La Salle High School (holder of the 153 game winning streak) in this one.  Taking what he learned while visiting De La Salle and tweaking it to fit a “Power Offense” has paid huge dividends for Clovis East who is usually out-weighed on the offensive line by huge amounts.  As De La Salle, Coach Murphy’s offensive lines are known for their get off and near flawless technique.

2005 OL Everyday Practice Drills

These are the drills that the T-Wolves use every week in practice enabling them to block defensive players as much as a 100 lb over their body weight. UNEDITED

2004 Offensive Line

See the drills live during the off-season that the T-Wolves do to get ready for the up coming year. Blocks included are Down & Pull(1 hour) and Reach & Pull(1 Hour). UNEDITED

2004 Running Backs

See the Running Back Clinic that Coach Murphy did at the College of Sequoias teaching coaches how to get the most out of their running backs. Plus 20 minutes of drills and game footage. UNEDITED

2009 Volume 6:  Guaranteed Ways to Improve your Running Backs – This has been labeled one of the best Running Back videos ever made.  Includes, meticulous detail on how to teach your running backs how to be more aggressive, break tackles and wear defenses down to the ground.  Also included: How to hit the hole, great fakes, stiff-arms, rip arms and the most important thing in football, minimizing turnovers.  And drills such as balance and go, foot fire, read your blocker, pop-up and some very good catching drill as well.

2009 Volume WT: Championship Weight Training– Coach Murphy’s teams have NEVER LOST a weigh training contest.  Matter of fact they have doubled the second place team’s scores the last three years in a row.  In this video he takes you through their workout, shows you how he charts his players, his goals for each player and the particular lifts with demonstrations.  Also, included are kettle bell training, core work and speed/conditioning training.  

The 2006 Clovis East Weight Training Video-After several years of requests, Coach Murphy has finally put together a video that shows what he does to get his players ready in and out of the weight room.  His teams have never lost a Power Lifting Contest.  He has had countless 300-pound power cleaners, 300-pound bench pressers, 400-pound squatters, and 200-pound snatch lifters.  He takes you through and demonstrates the exact workout they are doing this very moment.  After, he shows examples of several speed, agility and core exercises that he does to get the players ready to complete for a championship each year.